Sydney University Association of Biomedical Engineers


Past Execs


The team from 2016-2017:

President  Marlynne (Marly) Chen

Marly is the smallest, but bubbliest member of the SUABE executive. If she disappears, she can be sure to be found either at the squat rack or brightening up someone’s life with her smile and encouragement. She radiates positivity and is dedicated to all she does whether it be dropping some classic moves on the dance floor, or attempting to organise everyone else’s lives in addition to her own. Most of all, Marly is a great friend who is always there for you when you need her and will be the mastermind behind this year’s SUABE team.

Vice President  Max Schultz

There's a large array of things that can be said about our very own vice-president Max Schultz, but we'll keep it to a minimum for the sake of your time. Know for his all around good looks, towering height and genuine love for all things electronic, Max is a most valuable asset to the SUABE team with his ever-lasting enthusiasm and vivaciouty. If you're ever down in PNR you'll be sure to find this engineer/casanova hard at work or hardly working, but always ready to lend a helping hand and prove he's more than just a pretty face. 

Treasurer  Justin Abeleda

Justin has achieved the infamous title of 'Speedo'; known by all for being banned on the slopes for literally skiing too fast, he is cherished by all as an incredibly kind human, and now, our very own treasurer. Speedo will have endless shopping sprees that compare with no other girl in engineering as Topman's next model, flashing every shade of blue jean on the spectrum. Spot the guy shuffling passionately on the dance floor, wearing vibrant tees that range from pineapples to every block of colour imaginable – be sure to come up and say hi!  

Secretary Jess Wu

Jess is not only know for single-handedly demolishing the SciSoc bar tab at their last Masquerade Ball, but also for her dashingly friendly personality. She's always around to lend you a hand or give you a smile when you most need it just to brighten your day. Her attention to detail not only makes her an amazing SUABE and SciSoc Secretary but also a great friend. If she ever hits rock-bottom, she'll take up the challenge and become a proctologist.

Sponsorship Officer  Justin Wanczura

The suave, stylish and sophisticated sponsorship officer of SUABE, Justin brings a professional element to the executive. While balancing a workload heavier than his squat, Justin can be seen working to bring new companies to the table. A valuable member to the team and a great friend. 

Marketing Officer Vincent Tsang

Our resident computer wizard, Vincent had already made his mark as one of engineering’s most prominent marketing masterminds before walking through SUABE’s doors. One of the few unfortunately untainted by the questionable effects of binge-boozing, Vincent’s effortlessness in making friends and colleagues has always been his shining point. If not already evident in his excessive community work at Two Wolves or his exchanges, his selflessness will see him surrounded in PNR by first-years to arts students.


Second Year Representatives

Dimitri Bantli

Dimitri is literally knows everyone on campus! from the Arts to the Sciences, Law & Engineering, he is one of the most outgoing members of all. Also not only member of a hand full of societies but actively executive members including, The Fred Hollows Foundation Society, Photography Society, the all and important BBQ master at Sydney Uni Engineering Undergraduates Association (SUEUA) and a founding member of the Sydney Univesrity Banter & Memes society (BAMSOC). A selfless human he will go on to become successful in any field just because of his dashing good looks.

Belynda Con Foo

Three words can be used to describe Bel, bubbly, brilliant and bold. She’s the one who you go to for help, the one who will get duties done on the ball and most importantly fill you with her bubbly spirit. Whenever she’s on her way, you can hear her laugh and her voice filling her path. Doing a dual degree in both biomedical engineering and medical science, she is a dedicated Fitbit Fan, finding any excuse to up her steps. When not helping out with SUABE, she can be found being a loyal friend to others or swooning over the next delicious food craze.

First Year Representatives

Sophia Polito

Sophia, the wild and elusive, yet dainty and lovely human who comes from the coast in sunny Mona Vale. This fabulous, Italian born and bred lady, is always up for a chat and a good time. She is a very considerate and kind young lady, and despite her sarcastic humour, will always be there for you when things aren't quite going the way you want them to be. She is gifted at the violin, piano, and flute, and whilst not attending to her musical instruments, is working hard on her role as First Year Representative. Overall, Sophia is your go-to girl for advice, friendly banter, and whatever you need.

Courtney Diggins

If you ever need a laugh or a mate to party with at Scubar, Courtney is your gal. After being school captain in high school, it is only natural that she would be a solid attribute to the SUABE team. With her mad piano skills and love for drawing, Courtney proves that engineers are in no way creatively inept number crunchers. Constantly surrounded by her fellow engineers in PNR, Courtney brings the first years together into one big happy engineering family


Faculty Member Professor Andrew Ruys

The founder of the SUABE, the new Biomedical Engineering Degree at USYD, and the Director of Biomedical Engineering (Education) – Professor Ruys, is an integral part of the SUABE team. He is our greatest supporter and is always there when we need him most.