Sydney University Association of Biomedical Engineers

The Team

Meet the Exec Team


The SUABE executives are elected annually from our members and are comprised of a number of talented and dedicated individuals.

Meet your team for 2019-2020:


President  Isabelle van Vuuren

Who better to fill this role, than SUABE’s all-rounder, Isabelle! Last year her role of secretary fuelled her with passion and dedication in making industry engagement more accessible for biomed students. Studies show a direct impact of overdosing vegan chocolates on her being the most empathetic sweetheart.  When not doing CrossFit, she enjoys sipping liquorice tea, eating thin crispy fries (unlike the ones from Engo Grill), and planning for her future adventure in Llangennith island. In exchange for a piece of unparalleled raspberry hazelnut cake made by Isabelle, you got to devote 30 minutes listening to her raving about her adorable cats. As a sharp-witted organiser and high achiever in anything she does, Isabelle’s leadership and management skills make her the unrivalled president of SUABE!

Vice President Nathan Tam

The man, the legend. Some may know him as Tim Tam but we know him as our vice president carrying SUABE to an even greater level. He is a man of many talents. Apart from his ability to make a mean pancake, he can connect everyone from all years and different streams to network and celebrate biomedical engineering. He also excels in giving really good hugs and putting a genuine smile on your face. He claims he doesn’t have much sauce in his life, however, we all know that he is the epitome of a great time and making a quiet night out, epic. Tim Tam is dearly loved within PNR, especially the SUABE team. Nathan is reliable and gives his heart and soul to SUABE, making him the perfect candidate to be our vice president.


Treasurer  Hugo Laithwaite

Feel like talking about the universe? Or politics? Or the weather? Well then, let me introduce Hugo Laithwaite, the man of many words and no regrets! Only 20 years old, but this man can tell a tale or two from his life stories. that range from wild night shenanigans to one-month explorations of India. On top of all his perfection, this amazing human also gives the best hugs, so if life has got you down, Hugo’s chats and hugs will surely brighten your day. Although this man can procrastinate to epic proportions, when it comes to the things at heart, he becomes an undefeatable force. It’s this kind of enthusiastic and devoted attitude that will make Hugo an excellent addition to the SUABE team. I couldn’t think of a more fitting role for Hugo than as Treasurer of SUABE, as he is after all, a treasure in our hearts!

Secretary Amanda Kheir

As one of the celebrities around PNR, Amanda’s arrival is heralded by a chorus of hopeful greetings. Amanda has the ability to raise the spirits of those around her without even doing or saying anything. Her fun-loving demeanour and positive attitude despite any odds ensures that critical tasks are completed on time and concisely. Outside of her plentiful university life, Amanda pursues an array of interesting hobbies, one such example being pole dancing which she claims gives her superior abdominal muscles. Rejoining the team this year as the secretary. Amanda’s interpersonal and organisational skills as well as her vast life experiences will undoubtedly enable her to carry out the duties of the secretary.


Sponsorship Officer  Domantas Kuzinkovas

He’s part man, part myth and part Lithuanian. A boy of such exotic origins paired with his Sydney Grammar roots make him a smouldering soft boi whose kindness radiates from his cheeky smile. At home he’s a mama's boy and big bro to his sister but to SUABE, he brings unparalleled charisma, commitment and wit. He is a team player and a well spoken man whose height is a result of years of basketball practice. Every now and then he loves a good coffee or a good Netflix horror film. Deep down, he is a true biology nerd and his hobbies include trying to explain the human experience in terms of biological occurrences. Dom is much loved by his friends and by the SUABE team. Without a doubt he’ll continue to bring edge and panache moving from the subcommittee to sponsorship officer.


Marketing Officer Kim Pacnik

Kim is undeniably the most fashionable person in PNR, bringing her exquisite and acquired sense from her European roots in Slovenia. This translates to her extraordinary self-taught photoshop skills that are utilised across a number of societies, from designing fabulous high tea posters to amazing pancake advertising there is always a new project somewhere in the background. When Kim is not leading a hand or at one of her many gym classes, Kim will studiously on top of all academic work which leads to some remarkable white board displays around PNR with her inseparable side-kick, our secretary, Amanda.


Second Year Representatives


Emily Foster

Upon first impressions you may mistaken Emily for a dolphin - bubbly, kind and highly intelligent. In reality, Emily is a superhuman with a dream to learn about the world, spread happiness in the world and most importantly help the world as a surgeon one day. But not only is she a superhuman in SUABE, she also dedicates herself to the Sydney Uni Boat Club and starts most mornings at 4:30am for a 5:15am row. To recharge her superhuman energy she chooses to indulge in a banana smoothie down at Ralph’s Cafe, spend some quality down time with old friends or pick up a musical instrument. With her impeccable public speaking skills, people skills and her ability to light up any room, SUABE is glad to have her back again as 2nd Year Rep in 2019.

Caroline Song

Caroline is an absolute pleasure to be around. She is super friendly and one of the biggest foodies you'll ever meet. When she isn't studying at uni, you'll find her having brunch with her friends at one of the places on her endless brunch spot bucket list. She loves matcha in just about any form and you can wake her up in the middle of the night for some grilled eel and coke zero. Aside from her love for food, she loves SUABE, Biomedical Engineering and colour-coded OneNote tabs. She is the perfect mix of work hard, play hard and perfect in the role of Second Year Representative.


First Year Representatives


Athena Kam

Athena is a kind, talented and creative spirit that that makes you feel like you have a friend in her from the moment you meet her. She exudes a love for Biomedical Engineering, aspiring to help everyone experience life to their fullest by taking away the effects of disadvantages that may hinder them, and has a strong zest for maths. At uni you will see her frequenting PNR solving problems with friends; playing touch proudly with the Engo team in Interfaculty Sport and when she gets the chance, chilling in nature, listening to music. She is yet to look beyond SUABE’s own pancakes for food at uni, and concurrently master of the product, is the perfect connoisseur to make sure they will maintain their high standards in the year ahead as First Year Representative. She is a multi-talented asset to the team that spreads joy, passion and positivity.

Rose Bao

Rose has an outgoing and playful attitude that fits perfectly into the engineering cohort and the SUABE team. This wannabe actress can pull off some kickass impressions, and doesn’t hesitate to use them when delivering some of the most spicy stories on campus. She has all the traits you could want in a first-year representative, including a willingness to help out, kindness and organisation skills. But don’t let her sweet smile and innocent name deceive you: her confidence means she is not afraid to let you know exactly what she thinks and what tasks she needs done, even if that’s just demanding coffee and microwave popcorn. This polite ruthlessness is bound to get Rose far in her career. Other than making people go on coffee runs, her hobbies include watching romantic comedies, playing water polo and honing her physics skills by troubling members of the Physics Society. Rose is an absolute character and her energy is a valuable addition to the SUABE team.



Faculty Member Professor Gregg Suaning

As the Head of School of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (BMET), Professor Suaning, is an integral part of the SUABE team. He is our greatest supporter and is always there when we need him most.