Sydney University Association of Biomedical Engineers

17-18 Exec

Past Exec


The team of 2017-2018:

President  Jessica Wu

SUABE has had a number of great presidents and Jess Wu is no exception – in fact, she’s going to be the one to bring our humble society of biomedical engineers to the global scale, knowing her vivacity and tenacity. Not only is she a hard worker, but an excellent friend to all; whenever you find yourself needing help with coursework or need some less than savoury advice about your personal life, Jess is the one to go to, even if it’s just to get a good laugh.

Vice President  Dimitri Bantli

When Dimitri was born, people told him you can't be a master-of-all-trades, yet he stood tall and countered “Screw you society!”. To the ordinary person, Dimitri is well known for his handsome features and charming persona, but surprisingly, he is far more than that. He is, by far, one of Sydney University’s most sociable students, with his kind soul and butter smooth words. He makes the least photogenic look incredible with his photographic talents at SubZero Photography. If that isn’t enough, on the other side of the camera he works as a model, a skier, a rower, a cat lover, and in between all of this, he is ridiculously smart. Women want to be with him, men want to be him (and also with him).

Treasurer  Matthew Stow

The magnificent and stylish Matthew Stow, the SUABE treasurer is the man with the freshest haircut, clothes and style on the block. Our Marketing Officer may dispute this, but we all know Matt is the one with the real swagger. Matt is one of the most organised engineers you will ever meet. A smooth operator and high achiever in anything he tries, his leadership and management skills are unrivalled. Despite this intimidating repertoire of skills, he is one of the nicest and most genuine guys you will meet. He is always happy to help anyone with anything they need. He puts in the hard yards to serve others before himself. PS: If you ever need Lindt chocolate, hit this man up.


Secretary Fiona Tham

Fiona is one of the bubbliest and wittiest people you’ll find in the society. Always looking to get involved and to help out, her being the trusty secretary for SUABE was a no-brainer. Her influence in the society reaches far and wide in the engineering world, including those not-yet involved so they too can be exposed to the opportunities that SUABE presents. Her many capabilities not only involve her ability to fit through a tennis racket, or her skills with a chemistry set, but also being on top of things, organising and planning major events. Keep an eye out for her around PNR, she’s a rising star not yet at her peak..

Sponsorship Officer  Vanessa Diab

Vanessa is the sassy yet loveable character on the team this year. Her dedication as an avid gym rat is often surpassed by her dedication to her studies and uni. She has the incredible ability to make time appear almost out of thin air, using this super power mainly to help others around her. With a charismatic honesty about her, she easily draws in company sponsorship and the loyalty of all those that know her.

Marketing Officer Justin Abeleda

Who better to fill this role, than SUABE’s very own mastermind, Justin. Justin is a devout SUABE member who brings enthusiasm and creative thinking to this team. He has an effortless fashion sense, often seen sporting a suave outfit entirely sourced from ASOS. Justin is your go-to when you need advice, a dose of wisdom, or someone to share a bottle of Canadian Club with! He is a committed and dependable person who you can turn to when in need of an (un)professional diagnosis of your illness. You’ll find his kind and generous face hanging by PNR (or the Education faculty).


Second Year Representatives

Courtney Diggins

The gorgeous Courtney Diggins has already proven herself beyond worthy of executive positions as this is the second year she contributes greatly to the SUABE team. Her extraordinary organisation skills and ability to work hard and play hard makes her the perfect well-rounded engineering student. Currently on a scholarship for Women in Engineering for Biomedical Engineering, Courtney is always on the ball and makes sure she is always on top of her work. She also had the amazing opportunity to intern with Saluda Medical at the end of her first year! She is a truly impressive student. So, on a scale of 1 to Courtney, how lit are YOU?

Daniel Carnevale

Daniel is the embodiment of classical engineering, with a little shake of Latino spice. A 2nd year Engineering and Science student with a passion for ice cream, drinking, and Netflix, you can catch Daniel helping out at any SUABE event, especially those involving pancakes. One of the friendliest and most genuine guys you’ll meet, Daniel aims to make it known that SUABE is your home away from home. Be sure to catch this swanky Neuroscience and Anatomy major at SUABE events where you can have a chat and see what SUABE is all about – if you’re nice enough, he may even cook you up a mean paella.

First Year Representatives

Brooke Agostino

Brooke is one of two new representatives first years in Biomedical Engineering for the 2017-18 year! She is our resident sweetheart, and brings warmth and smiles to the team. She has a mild obsession with crushed velvet clothes, emanates the life of a party and has a reputation to sweet talk bar staff into give her free chips. Despite this wild, outer personality, she works hard to achieve her goals, looking to double her degree with Arts as she progresses in her studies. Look out for Brooke at our future events to get your own dose of positivity and you’ll understand why everyone loves her!


Eda Avar

Introducing Eda Avar, our very own Turkish Delight, and one of our very dedicated First Year Reps for this year’s SUABE dream team. An engineering socialite in-the-making, Eda is one of the friendliest and most amicable people roaming PNR (her only character flaw is apparently being a selfish hugger). Be sure to pop up for a chat for any of your first year or SUABE queries, or a drink if you want to make a new friend, she’s a valuable addition to the Biomed team!


Faculty Representative Professor Andrew Ruys

The founder of the SUABE, the new Biomedical Engineering Degree at USYD, and the Director of Biomedical Engineering (Education) – Professor Ruys, is an integral part of the SUABE team. He is our greatest supporter and is always there when we need him most.