Sydney University Association of Biomedical Engineers

18-19 Exec

Past Exec


The team of 2018-2019:


President  Daniel Carnevale

Daniel Carnevale has biomedical engineering pride written all over him! Now being able to boast the name Mr. SUABE or El Presidente, Dan struts through the engineering buildings with a man bun that even Chris Hemsworth would be jealous of. Being the lovable guy he is, he'll surprise current fans of SUABE and bring forth new ones with his charisma and connections to all ages of biomedical students. His charm isn't his only asset with his commitment to the society, he's always there for every event small or large


Vice President  FIona Tham

Fiona is a force to be reckoned with. As Vice-President, her brilliance in supporting others, admirable organisational skills and straight up dedication shine through every day, holding the team together to be better than ever. She is a woman of many talents, as apart from her excellence in professionalism, she is an adventurous soul that is down to try anything, making for some interesting stories in games of truth or dare. The levels of hardwork she puts into everything she does is astonishing, as proven through the hours she spends into the night at PNR. Trustworthy as ever, you can be sure she’s got your back. 

Treasurer  Bella Juria

Bella is one of a kind. It is possible her everyday klutziness is the reason she has a balance sheet for just about everything. Her experience in business and commerce, combined with her caring nature and can-do attitude, makes her one hell of a Treasurer. With an interest in volunteering and humanitarian work, she somehow also finds the time to act as School Outreach Coordinator for Engineers Without Borders at the University of Sydney. Her recreational hobbies include cooking, Netflix and petting Christian’s pugs. If you need a question answered, Bella can help. She is approachable, honest, savvy and a great representative of SUABE.


Secretary Isabelle van Vuuren

Isabelle, like the drummer in a rock band, ensures all SUABE members stay in time and on time, concerning all association meetings and tasks. Whether it’s taking meeting minutes or helping organise our renowned fortnightly pancake events, she goes above and beyond her role of SUABE Secretary. Her attention to detail, determination and forward thinking is believed to have come from her years rowing on the pristine lakes only found in the far reaches of the Netherlands.


Sponsorship Officer  Christian hasbani

A man of integrity and many talents, Christian is the epitome of a all-rounded man. Renowned for his love of dogs (especially pugs) and his passion for sport, a man of such calibre is hard to resist when he asks to add you on LinkedIn. Of course, a man of such talents must be well fuelled, and as such, is often spotted around Engineering asking others if they would like to come for food in Newtown. As a crucial member of the team, Christian makes up the backbone of the dream team with his passion and congenial demeanour.

Marketing Officer Jared Bergman

Jared is sure to be one of the most energetic, creative, and fashionably daring members of the SUABE team (known to be one of the few who can even rock a moustache with style!) and brings a unique and invaluable set of skills from diverse interests to the team. He excels at critical thinking, with an astute eye for design, and displays great initiative presenting ideas previously unthought-of.  If you didn’t know what a Marketing Officer should look like, you needn’t look further than Jared, who embodies and takes on his role so effortlessly. P.S. If you can’t find his friendly face around PNR, you are sure to find him enjoying a quiet coffee at the Deus café


Second Year Representatives


Emilia Winzenberg

The gorgeous Emilia Winzenberg is undeniably talented filled with an insurmountable amount of spirit and happiness. Last year she was a part of SUABE’s subcommittee team, which fuelled her passion and dedication to this society in now holding the position of second year representative. She is intelligent and is always willing to work hard in everything she sets her mind to. Her natural ability to get everyone involved with so much passion and enthusiasm is one of the many reasons why she is a great asset to SUABE.

Nathan Tam

Nathan Tam, our new Second Year Representative is a multi-talented man. To many he is known as a kind hearted, chocolate biscuit of a human being, capable of organising the best barbeques within engineering. His skills extend from practical pancake flipping hands to a charismatic tongue, more than proficient at conversation and classical oboe. Don't be afraid to approach this PNR panda as he is often seen offering help to those who ask, after which he retires to the depths for a sneaky nap.

First Year Representatives


Emily Foster

Emily is a kind, driven and passionate student, who will make you love life as much as she does after just one conversation. Her bubbly personality comes through in her love for team activities, such as rowing and orchestra. She is absolutely obsessed with Max Brenner White Chocolate chai, but will settle for Barista Bro’s Chocolate Milk if she must. Emily’s positivity knows no bounds and even an unfortunate run-in with not-so-gluten-free banana bread doesn’t slow her down. Her desire to spread happiness pairs perfectly with SUABE’s trademark pancakes. With her signature emoji sign off, she is dedicated to spread joy, even on social media. Come find Emily at future events and she’ll leave you feeling uplifted and happy.


Amanda Kheir

Spend one second with Amanda and you’re guaranteed to make a new best friend. One of the biggest sweethearts on campus, Amanda brightens up the SUABE team with her smile and cheery attitude. When she’s not studying or at the gym, you will find her roaming her natural habitat, PNR, handing out warm hugs to anyone she encounters. You can always rely on Amanda to lend a helping hand – whether it’s to whip up some pancakes or to share a round of tequila shots – making her a perfect choice for the role of First Year Representative.


Faculty Representative Professor Andrew Ruys

The founder of the SUABE, the new Biomedical Engineering Degree at USYD, and the Director of Biomedical Engineering (Education) – Professor Ruys, is an integral part of the SUABE team. He is our greatest supporter and is always there when we need him most.