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The Sydney University Association of Biomedical Engineers is student-run society at the University of Sydney that facilities both social and professional development of its members while providing a platform for students to network with alumni and industry personnel alike. With over 400 student and alumni members in 2017, SUABE has been an established part of the student engineering network in Sydney for over 14 years.

However, the society is funded primarily from the generosity of our sponsor companies. Donations and sponsorships allow us to run our events to the best of our ability for the benefit of both students and industry alike.



  • Access to the best and brightest upcoming minds in the Biomedical Industry

  • A platform to market your company to a relevant and enthusiastic student body

  • The ability to attend or even host events in tangent with the society

  • A clear avenue to advertise your company's career and development opportunities

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A Big Thank You To Our Sponsors:

Diamond Sponsors


360 Knee Systems

360 Knee Systems is 100% focused on improving the outcomes for total knee replacement patients. We use a holistic approach to knee replacement, tailoring each and every case to the individual.

The process is conducted over a series of stages to ensure the best possible result:

1. Use pre-operative patient profiling and shared decision making tools to help patients and their orthopaedic surgeon make great treatment choices.

2. World-class biomedical engineers create dynamic surgical plans that are truly patient specific to the knee replacement candidate. The 3D plans utilise advanced simulation and customisation technology.

3. Surgery delivered with patient specific technology for the femur, tibia and patella. This ensures accurate and precise placement of the total knee replacement components.

4. Post-operative patient monitoring that integrates with wearable sensors. Our data analytics platforms ensure that the knee replacement patient recovery is targeted and measured.

The ultimate goal of everyone at 360 Knee Systems is to develop and manage high quality orthopaedic knowledge specific to total knee replacement. Every time we are involved we create thousands of pieces of data. We work directly with orthopaedic knee specialists to create information that is used to help improve patient outcomes.

We want every patient to be satisfied with their new knee!

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Nanosonics is a dynamic innovator in infection prevention and one of Australia's largest and fastest growing MedTech companies. Our headquarters are in Sydney, Australia and with a global presence spanning offices across North America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe, we now employ more than 150 specialists worldwide.

Nanosonics strives to foster ongoing partnerships with universities and to establish strong connections between academia and industry. We are constantly seeking talented and dedicated individuals to become part of our growing team. Out close relationship with the University of Sydney ensures we attract passionate future professionals to join us on our journey as we help shape the future of infection prevention.

We are proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of the Sydney University Association of Biomedical Engineers.

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